We are excited to welcome dojos wishing to study and join the Ryushin Shouchi Ryu (RSR) organization. To become an officially affiliated RSR dojo, you will have to go through their simple Four Step process. These steps are being implemented to help ensure a certain level of commitment as well as the successful establishment of RSR Study Groups.


  1. APPLY ONLINE – Fill out an RSR AFFILIATE DOJO APPLICATION FORM and submit it to the Honbu (Regional Supporters can assist with this process as well.)

  2. VISIT* – You can choose from several options (whichever is more convenient); Visit the HONBU IN TOKYO and study directly with them, invite a REGIONAL RSR SUPPORTER (Jun Shidoin or Shidoin) to conduct a local seminar or attend an OFFICIAL RSR SEMINAR.

    *All applicants are required to attend a full RSR Seminar(s) or personally visit and train at the RSR Honbu in Tokyo, Japan. This is meant to ensure a certain level of commitment from the new dojo as well as providing an opportunity to meet and establish a relationship with current RSR members.

  3. SUPPORT Select a REGIONAL SUPPORTER to help you get started. Regional supporters are qualified RSR members who hold the rank of Shidoin or Jun Shidoin (official teachers recognized by the Honbu). They will help new dojos establish/teach* an RSR curriculum, Kyu rank testing, collecting annual dues and setting up local seminars and promotions.

    *This is designed to assist with the establishment and success of new RSR study groups and help them eventually become autonomous (when a new dojo has a ranking member who is able to teach proper technique, they will no longer require regional support).

  4. TRAIN – Establish an RSR Study Group – Start training! RSR members are required to pay annual RSR Annual Dues as well as testing and certificate fees. These are listed on the RSR DUES & FEES CHART.



HOSTING RSR SEMINARS – Only after an RSR study group has been established will that group be allowed to host Seminars with Yahagi Sensei. This will also have to be coordinated with Regional Supporters as part of the annual RSR Seminar (so as to better accommodate Yahagi Sensei’s travel schedule). This way the larger organization can assist with cross promotions as well as help pay for expenses.

RSR TESTING & CERTIFICATE FEES – All testing and certificate fees are determined by Japan and are not included in your annual dues. 50% of testing fees collected by regional heads (Renshi) are paid to the Honbu in Tokyo, while the remaining 50% remain in a regional RSR account. The fees are determined by the current Yen-Dollar exchange rate.

Please refer to the RSR DUES & FEES CHART.*

*RSR follows a dan/kyu system like that used for many other modern martial arts.
Ranking in RSR is overseen by Kunikazu Yahagi, Soke. Only certified senior members (Renshi) can award rankings up to 3 – 1 KYU, independently of Japan. Rankings are awarded to students when they visit Japan or during regional and annual seminars with Yahagi Sensei.

The awarding of rank reflects progress in the RSR curriculum. For ranks of Shodan and above – dojo heads must submit recommendations and will be required to submit testing application forms.