We adhere to fairly standard dojo rules. They keep our dojo a safe and respectful learning environment. Please keep in mind that the New York Budo Association is an nonprofit organization 501 c(3). Everyone is volunteering, no one is paid and we are all here to learn.


  1. Please feel free to ask any questions, but please refrain from chatting or mimicking the technique when instructors are teaching or demonstrating.

  2. Try to be on-time for the beginning of class. If you arrive in class late, change off the Dojo floor, bow in and join the class.

  3. Bow to the shinzen before entering and when leaving the dojo space.

  4. When not in use, swords should be placed, edge to the wall, tip facing away from the shinzen. Never step over a sword, bokuto or jo if it is lying on the floor. When picking it up bend down on one knee. Never drop or bang a weapon on the floor or intentionally, this is considered extremely disrespectful.

  5. Dues should be paid on time. If there is a problem, bring it up to the manager or treasurer before payment is due.

  6. If you cannot make it to class for an extended period of time, please be considerate and let one of the administrators know.

  7. Be respectful to your fellow classmates and instructors. We are all here to learn.

  8. If you must leave while the instructor is still teaching, excuse yourself quietly and bow out. When leaving or entering class always walk behind people for safety. Do not interrupt the class.

  9. If you must stop in the middle of a Kata, immediately return your sword, and wait until the rest of the class finishes the Kata.

  10. Live blades shall be used only with the permission of the instructor. Those with live blades shall keep to the right side and front of the practice area and must be mindful of the safety of other students.

  11. New students are responsible for the hanging bringing down all equipment from the storage closet (located on the 17th floor) and hanging the Shinzen and Otani Sensei’s portrait as well as removing them at the end of class.

  12. Practice self-control. Arguments or loss of temper can result in expulsion from the Dojo. Never use a weapon in a threatening manner towards another student or instructor.

  13. When borrowing class equipment, please be respectful and take good care of it. All borrowed equipment needs to be put back into the equipment bag at the end of the class. Students borrowing uniforms are responsible for washing them and folding them after class.