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*REQUIRED – All participating students are required to read, agree and sign our legal waiver.

This agreement is entered as an applicant to the New York Budo Association, such participant being hereinafter referred to as “member”, and the New York Budo Association, hereinafter referred to as “the NYBA”. All provisions of this agreement shall grant protection to any members of the NYBA while participants in any activity of the NYBA, not limited to third parties while at the NYBA studio, or while demonstrating, practicing, or attending activities at other sites while participating as a member of New York Budo Association.

The member acknowledges that he/she is applying for instruction in a study involving weapons that can cut, and is aware of the danger of physical injury necessarily attendant upon his/her engaging in the activities of the NYBA. The member also agrees that in engaging in such athletic activities he/she does so at his/her own risk, and that he/she fully assumes all responsibility for any injury or damages to equipment or personal property which he/she sustains as a result of engaging in such athletic activities.

Further, the member fully releases and absolves the NYBA from any responsibilities or liability, and waives any claims or right to claim compensation arising from, or connected with, any injuries or damages resulting from the member’s engaging in any physical activities in the NYBA. This release and waiver shall apply whether or not any such physical injury is sustained while the member is actually participating in the physical activity, or is anywhere within the vicinity wherein such activity is being conducted.

I hereby acknowledge that I am assuming the risk and responsibility for any and all injuries that I may suffer due to injury, suffered by me or caused by third parties, to me arising out of the practice of such instruction as takes place at the NYBA, other facilities available. I further acknowledge that I am responsible for providing my own personal health, medical, dental and accident coverage. I hereby release New York Budo Association and its members from liability for any injury or loss suffered by myself.