The New York Budo Association is a nonprofit organization (501(c) 3, whose mission is to practice and sustain the techniques, philosophies, and benefits of the Japanese martial arts. We are also promoting culture, physical and mental growth, health and well-being as well as non-denominational spirituality. These traditional Japanese arts are a “Do” (道) (or “Tao” in Chinese), a Way, through which one strives to reveal the true self. By bringing this true self forward, one is transformed, and so also is the world.

Currently, our focus is the study of Iaido (居合道) the drawing of the Japanese sword, specifically Ryushin Shouchi Ryu (柳心照智流). We eventually hope to expand our areas of practice into Kyudo (弓道), Japanese archery and Jodo (杖道), Japanese staff. Co-coordinating and developing physical actions with mental awareness via ancient spiritual techniques is as daunting as it is rewarding.

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In the memory of Yoshitsune Otani Sensei (1929 – 2002), we continue to practice Budo (武道) as well as our self-sustaining communal approach to learning. None of our instructors are paid and all of our senior members shoulder organizational responsibilities.

The New York Budo Association does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or national origin.

We provide an active community where individuals from all backgrounds may develop themselves physically and mentally through the above arts. We promote understanding and the practice of these traditional Japanese arts, as well as other Japanese cultural activities and welcome productive partnerships with schools, other non-profits, and community organizations that enhance understanding of our mission.